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Help Cast A Secret Circle Spell to Heal Sandy Victims (Fayeted Book Raffle)

Most of you around the world are aware of the devastation that hit the East Coast several weeks ago. Superstorm Sandy was not playing around, and left a path of destruction in her wake. Thanks to a brilliantly heartfelt idea made by one of Fayana Project’s biggest fans, we here at The Fayana Project would like to take this opportunity to help those affected by this tragedy.


Let’s collectively cast a Secret Circle Spell to help Sandy victims heal their lives and homes by donating to the AMERICAN RED CROSS and their Sandy relief efforts. We will be “raffling” off a few hard copies of Fayeted for an added incentive to help those in need. 


Just like we came to the rescue to try and save our beloved show, we must come together once again to make a difference in the lives of so many without homes or the basic necessities to live. We rocked the (abandoned) house in our efforts to save our show, let’s amplify that enthusiasm and put our resources to good use.


  • Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. 
  • Donate via to make a donation of any amount. ($1 can make a difference!) 


  • Once you have donated via text or online, simply take a picture or screen shot and tweet The Fayana Project to prove you’ve donated (Use the hashtag #SecretCircleSpell). Your name will be automatically entered to win a copy. 
***Please blur out any personal information that you would not want shared on the internet.***

  • On December 7, 2012 we will draw the winners and announce them via Twitter.   

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  • Use the hashtags: #SecretCircleSpell #HealHomes #Sandy



Chapter 7

“We are not making progress here!” Blackwell slammed his fist against the table, worn out papers containing ancient spells flying with the forceful hit “Diana keeps distancing herself from our initial goal and times running out. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of waiting” in an outburst he turned the table containing all the remaining spells, none seemed to fit their purposes anyway.

Cassie stared wide eyed at the rage display, walking towards her father and placing a reassuring hand on this large shoulders “I know you are, but I promise I know now what might give her the right push.”

“I’m listening” his face was stern, hopeless. He didn’t mean to offend Cassie, but her attempts had not been the most successful so far, yet he had no other option left. For a man who always gloated in having several cards up his sleeve, it was nerve-racking.

“She’s in love.” Cassie blurted and her face lit.

“What?” his face fell in disgust “Well perhaps I should salute her for managing to fool around with boys whilst running my every plans.” he shook his head.

“No, you’re missing the point here” Cassie circled her father once more, like a puppy begging for attention “Love is her weakness and it can be her downfall. We can use that in our favor and I can guarantee you it will work.”

“Cassie, I don’t mean to offend you, but you do realize how big what we’re working with is? It won’t solve with childish love games.” Blackwell showed no interest in this. After all they’ve tried, he was not fool to expect ridiculous heart matters ought to solve his problem.

“But you don’t understand, she’s not in love with someone random” Cassie continued, despite her father’s disinterest.

“Well and then who is it she’s in love with?” he decided to question.

“Faye” she looked at him behind hooded eyes, waiting for the realization to hit her father.

“Faye Chamberlain?!” he enquired, the name awkwardly leaving his mouth. “How did you learn such thing?” Blackwell added.
“Your pupil Grant told me.” The girl answered flashing her father a knowing smile.
“So I take that you two finally meet then” the man said with a cryptic smirk.
“We did. He followed Diana till the abandoned house yesterday, where she and Faye met.” his daughter began to explain “After he told me what he saw them doing, and knowing how bad Diana felt about Faye getting injured on that previous attack, it was clear to me that she has feelings for her.”

 “Faye…” he paced around the room once more “Faye, that could work” Blackwell thought about the striking news for a few seconds before Cassie continued.

“It could and it will.” Cassie spoke, determined.

“Very well, then I say we waste no time in setting a strategy, shall we?” he looked around the turned table and began picking the scrambled paper all over the floor, already forming in his head a new plan, considering which spells to use. Cassie’s revelation was definitely a game changer and this time they had a bigger player on their side: Diana’s heart. “That was very clever, Cassie. I believe I taught you well.” Blackwell proudly stated.

“Thanks, father.” Cassie immediately replied with a large smile, helping him pick up scattered paper from the floor.




“So, where’s Diana?” Cassie tried to sound as casual as possible while leading Faye upstairs. Obviously their whole plan would blow in their faces if the girl decided not to come.

“Oh, you know how she’s around magic these days…” Faye rolled her eyes “but me, now that I got my solo magic back? Trust me, you called the right girl for this job, Cassandra” Faye hissed. Since Diana would not go anywhere near her black magic, it would be fun to see if Cassie’s black magic could rub off on her a bit. At least so she could feel if it was as bad as Diana said.

“I figured as much. But I think Diana might show up later anyway” a smirk crossed Cassie’s face. She wouldn’t leave her sweetie alone for too long, she rolled her eyes at the thought as they walked into her room. The whole place set up with candles, crystals and herbs, not to mention her Book of Shadows lying on her bed. To Faye’s eyes, it was like Disneyland but better.

“Now that’s my kind of party” Faye raised her eyebrows, inspecting the room and realizing Cassie’s magic gear now had a lot of items she wasn’t familiar with, but suspected came from her father. Black magic. A smile crossed Faye’s lips, just the thought of it was exciting. “So, what are we doing? Floating spells? Conjuring witches? Raising the dead?” she clapped her hands in excitement.


Cassie couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s excitement. Things would have been so much easier if she were the other Blackwell, they would face literally zero resistance, at least. “A protection spell, Faye” Cassie lied. Yet she couldn’t tell the girl they would wait until her father dragged Diana over there, when witch hunters would break into her room, pretend to hold her hostage, harm Faye in some probably serious manner until Diana finally succumbed to her black magic once and for all.


“Lame” Faye huffed “Don’t tell me you’re joining Diana’s ‘black magic is so dangerous I’ll never use it’ team” she shot Cassie a challenging look.

Oh, you’d be amazed, Cassie thought “You know, there is truth behind Diana’s logic” she pondered, but continued “but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it when it comes to protecting you guys” she took pleasure in planting seeds of doubt inside Faye.

“It’s just all so unfair. The way I see it, if it’s such a burden, you should just pass it over to me and problem solved” Faye shrugged when all the candles in the room lit by themselves “See? This is the kind of stuff I should be doing” she pouted in envy.

Cassie’s eyes grew wide. This was their sign. Showtime.




Diana received Cassie’s invite to come to her place for something magic related while they were still at school that day, but Diana wasn’t sure if she were going or not, so she didn’t give the girl a reply at the moment. She was still trying to keep herself away from Cassie and the dark magic talk, so perhaps going wasn’t a good idea. Faye on the other hand, was more than eager to go. Now that she had some of Diana’s dark magic to play with, the girl was dying to have the opportunity to use it and learn more about it. Even though the amount of power that Faye received probably wasn’t enough to bring her all that darkness that follows Diana’s power, she was still worried about Faye getting addicted with her new magic. Not only that, but Diana felt that something was odd about that spell as well…

If Diana was good in something other than her good judgment, it was her sharp instinct. That night she couldn’t shake a strange tingling sensation deep down her core, one she had never felt before. It was somehow similar with what she used to feel every time Cassie’s dark magic called upon hers, but this particular feeling tonight did not appear to be related to Cassie whatsoever. Whatever that feeling was, it made Diana instantly think about Faye. And not in a good way… Something in the girl’s guts was telling her that that there was something wrong with Faye. Would that be a result from that bounding ritual we did?, she thought to herself. It had to be. That was the only explanation.
Without thinking any further, Diana went check on Faye. She knew that the other girl would be at Cassie’s tonight, so she went directly to the Blake’s house in a speed of light.

“Cassie??” Diana screamed at the open door and quickly scanned the trail of destruction, leading her from the front door to upstairs, and she knew that all that meant only thing: trouble. Big one. That was all their lives had become anyway, unfortunately she was getting used to it.

Glass shattering followed by growls and yelling drew her attention to upstairs, snapping her out of her momentary lapse. She couldn’t help detaching herself from reality nowadays. Mostly because this reality was becoming so unbearable every new second made her wish she could leave it all behind altogether.

But that certainly wasn’t happening tonight. Not tonight, when that bad tingle in her stomach unsettled her just enough to make her give in to her dark magic, deciding to call her sister and see if everything was okay. When she didn’t answer, she anticipated what was happening now. Another shattered glass. Blinking hardly and running upstairs, almost stumbling on her own feet, she followed the sound of chaos and it was only when she got closer she detected not only Cassie’s voice, but a much more familiar one. And the agonizing scream from the other girl pierced Diana’s heart like a deadly spear. Her instincts were once again right, and this was enough confirmation that she and Faye had a magical bound between them.


Jumping through debris along Cassie’s long corridor and finally reaching to her bedroom door, her head inspected the room only in time to see Faye flying across the room and being thrown against a wall, her back smashing against it with colossal force. On the other side of Cassie’s bedroom, the blonde girl was being held hostage inside a circle of crystals, an energetic field surrounding the gagged girl, who fidgeted around the power cage,  careful enough not to touch it, but desperately enough trying to use her magic against it — as for what Diana could judge — unsuccessfully.

Diana’s presence caught the four witch hunters’ attention immediately, and she felt like a trapped animal when the large, black hooded men strolled in her direction, crystals in hand, one of them already chanting something she couldn’t quite distinguish. Whatever it was, Diana thought, it certainly wasn’t a farewell message. Unless she acted as fast as possible, in no time she would be trapped the same way Cassie was.

There was no way out, no easy solution. Diana knew it was time to reach once again inside that part of herself that she loathed. The part she tried to ignore as much as possible, mostly because she wished it didn’t exist at all. She apologized to herself for breaking her own promise of never again using that tainted magic, and diffidently let go of her restrains. She felt the gush of power coming from her core, tearing through her veins, contaminating the path it travelled until reaching the tip of her fingers. Pain accompanying the journey the black magic took inside of her. A chill broke through her spine when she felt she no longer had control over her actions. Her arms shot waves of energy towards the witch hunters and in a second they were on the ground, rendered powerless.

Not releasing her magical grip on the men, she felt her insides being torn. The real magic was coming. She felt like a distant observer as her black magic – or as she would consider, her black curse - took over her, her eyes going darker than the blackest night.

As her magic flowed, demon worms poured from the witch hunters orifices, Diana watching the whole scene in disgust.


“Diana, burn them!” Cassie yelled in despair from inside her magic cage, finally free from her gag.

Diana looked at the crawling demons spread on Cassie’s floor with horror, still breathless from having her body somehow invaded in such a horrible manner. In a flip of her arm, Diana scattered the crystals which imprisoned her sister, the blonde jumping from it ready for action, already working her magic as well and burning the demons till the last one.

When the fire finished burning the evil forms, leaving in the air a heavy smoke, Cassie looked at the witch hunters, her gaze red with rage “Now, what do I do with you guys? Seems like you fellas just can’t take a message. Or several.”

Diana looked between Cassie and the witch hunters, afraid of what the small blonde was capable of. “Cassie, don’t do anything…”

“Sis, maybe you want to save the speech for later and help us save our lives no-” in the brief moment Cassie turned her attention to Diana, the large men exited through Cassie’s window, cowardly falling from it along with the broken glass. Cassie raised her hand to stop them, but Diana stopped her instead. Within seconds, they all disappeared in single jumps, leaving an astonished Cassie and a passed out Faye for Diana to handle. “Diana, are you crazy?!? You’re just gonna let them get away with it?!” Cassie raised her hands above her head when she finally released herself from her sister’s grip.

“They’re not worth it” Diana rushed to Faye’s side “And in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got bigger problems to worry about.” she said, her face stern, checking for Faye’s pulse and breathing. They seemed normal, but the girl showed no signs of waking up as Diana repeatedly called for me, gently slapping her cheek.

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, they are our bigger problem. And you can live in denial all you want, but unless we take care of them for good, this is just gonna keep happening over and over” Cassie argued, clenching her fists in anger.

“So what? You wanted me to kill them, sis?” Diana said, her real suspicions rising to the surface.

“I want you to realize how serious this is. While you’re having fun playing altruist, our friends are getting hurt!” Cassie blurted.

“Having fun?? What part of any of this seems fun to you?” Diana looked at her in fury.
“You know what? I don’t have time for this. You take care of this. I’ll go and try to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Which you should be doing, if you want us to have alive friends to look out for” Cassie finished, using her powers to rapidly fly out the window, a black shadow beneath her feet as she hovered in the direction the witch hunters took.

“Oh, you go do your Super Dark Witch thing!!” Diana yelled in annoyance, not even believe Cassie was deliberatively using her powers in such an irresponsible manner, risking even exposure, flying across the streets of Chance Harbor. 

Diana’s yells invaded Faye’s ears and hammered her head with a piercing pain, letting out a deep breath followed by a low groan. Her back was so severely injured that breathing hurt.

“Oh god! Faye, are you awake?” Diana said, placing the girl’s head over her lap and running a trembling hand over her face.

“You probably just woke up every dead body in the Chance Harbor cemetery with your yelling, Meade” Faye concluded with a cough. Apparently talking also hurt, but she wasn’t one to miss a chance of delivering her characteristic snarky comeback.

“Shh, don’t talk” Diana suppressed a smile. Leave it to Faye to be a smartass even in the most deadly situations. She lightly ran a hand through the girl’s limbs, checking for broking bones. She had seen medical series enough to know that if there was one, the girl would scream in excruciating pain.

“What are you doing? Is this rape-an-invalid o’clock?” Faye asked with her brows furrowed and a smile curving the end of her lips.

“Shut up” Diana lightly laughed “I’m checking for concussions” she explained, her hand now running over Faye’s abdomen “broken ribs…”

“That’s right. I keep forgetting you got your Grey’s Anatomy degree” Faye teased.

“The knowledge does come in handy sometimes, you know” Diana proudly stated.

“I’ll remember to give you a call when those witch hunters decide to play tough and leave me bleeding to death” Faye groaned once more.

“Don’t even kid about that.” Diana said in a more serious tone. It actually irritated her how Faye could deal with such disdain about the most deadly situation they’ve ever faced. “What’s wrong?” she looked at Faye in concern after the girl’s face twisted in pain.

“My back… I’m pretty sure my spine can go backwards now” when Faye tried to straighten up on the floor, the pain was almost unbearable, shutting her eyes closed and letting a howl escape her lips “Aaah, motherfucker!”

“That’s it, I’m taking you to the hospital” Diana placed her arms a little below the girl’s neck and behind her thighs.  She knew Faye enough to know the girl would never display any weakness, so this was obviously serious.

Watching in shock as Diana lifted her up and trying to ignore the pain on her back, Faye gripped on the girl’s shirt “No, no hospital. My mom, I can’t…” Faye tried reasoning.

“We’ll tell her you fell off the stairs or something” Diana solved, already exiting Cassie’s room, being extra careful not to trip on anything and drop Faye to the ground.

“She’s not stupid, Diana, and you know it. I can’t… Just…” Faye breathed heavy “drop me now… Take me home, I can walk…” Faye realized how awkward it was to be carried on Diana’s arms after the previous weeks. She didn’t even know what kind of relationship they had now, or if there even was one, but being this close to Diana was triggering things Faye definitely did not want to feel, especially in the state she was in.

“Faye, I don’t mean to be rude, but tonight’s not the best night for your stubbornness” Diana firmly stated.

“Geez, fine. Have fun playing the White Knight carrying the damsel in distress. Take me to your kingdom, oh savior” Faye dramatically asked, finishing with a chuckle.

Diana rolled her eyes. Faye sure knew how to hit a nerve, but she wouldn’t protest against the injured girl’s jokes this time. She was probably using humor as an escape valve from her pain. And actually she gave her a good idea “I shall, milady.” Diana decided to play along “C’mon, I’ll get you to my place, we’ll figure something out there” Diana concluded. If magic was needed, that’s where she kept her best supplies.


A couple of blocks away, Cassie was united with the group of witch hunters, already venturing inside the woods, back to the energy protected ground they had sat near Cassie’s residence. All planed so Diana wouldn’t track them, although Cassie was sure her sister had bigger concerns on her mind at this moment – or just a single concern named Faye Chamberlain.

“That was convincing” Cassie spoke as she walked inside the energy field where her father patiently waited.

“So, how did it go?” he asked, his voice never darker.

“Just as planned” Cassie simply answered, a smile creeping at her face.


The ride to the Meade’s house was silent, Faye kept her eyes shut, trying to breathe as slowly as possible and pray that Diana would drive better than her usual, especially when it came to divert the several bumps Chance Harbor roads had. Diana tried to focus on the road ahead, but every two seconds her eyes would linger on the girl beside her. The pained expression across Faye’s strong features were not a fine match, and she realized it pained herself, partially because she felt guilty for not arriving there in time to avoid Faye getting hurt in the first place.

When they hit a bump and Faye winced, Diana apologized immediately, running a hand across Faye’s thigh, trying to calm her down as the girl slowly shifted in the passenger seat, apparently trying to find a more comfortable position, something that wasn’t exactly possible at that moment.

As Diana drove to her home, she could still feel the tingling sensation of the dark magic reminiscing in her body. She felt filthy, corrupted for slipping again into the abysm of the darkness inside her, but she had noble reasons, so she kept that in mind. She wouldn’t let Faye down like happened last week. 

The blood spell they performed to enable Faye to use solo magic without the rest of the circle worked, but apparently it wasn’t enough for Faye to defend herself from four demon-filled witch hunters. Perhaps she wouldn’t be able to not even with another member of the circle’s help. That kind of situation required something else. Something only she and Cassie had.

Pulling over inside the Meade’s garage, Diana exited the car in no time, rushing to Faye’s side and helping her get out the car as well, only to have her hands batted off by the girl.

“Enough with the baby carrying act, Diana. I said I can walk.” Faye stated, her proud somehow wounded.

“Are you sure?” Diana backed away a bit, but remained close enough to catch Faye in case she fell.
“My legs are fine, my back’s the one being a bitch. But I’ll be alright after a good dose of painkillers, which I know your dad has some. Where is he by the way? I don’t see his car here” Faye looked around.

“He, hm… I think he’ll be home late.” Diana didn’t want to get into details about it, but she knew her dad had been out drinking lately. She had tried her best to assure him that in her mind and in her heart, he would still be her only dad, the one who raised her and loved her. Still, the reality of everything was hard on both of them. She wished her dad had found a healthier way to deal with it, but at this point, she couldn’t make her dad a priority. She literally had lives to save. Her friends lives. And possibly her own.

Faye realized there was more to it, but didn’t want to pry. She realized how troubled Diana’s relationship with her father must have become, and it was not her place to analyze or judge. There was a line not even Faye Chamberlain ought to cross.

“Let’s get inside, I’m freezing” Diana offered her hand in instinct, seeing Faye was having trouble exiting the car.

Faye rolled her eyes, but decided to let Diana lead her, as if she hadn’t known her house like the palm of her hand.

The walk to Diana’s bed was indeed extremely painful, especially climbing up the stairs, but she tried her best not to let it show. When Diana gently placed Faye on her bed, removing her boots for her and her shoes as well, the taller brunette couldn’t help but ask “What with the chivalry today?” she inquired.
When Diana realized Faye immediately assumed a fetal position on the bed after settling down, she decided to finally take a look at the girl’s back. “What’s with it is that I care about you. Now roll over so I can lift your shirt to give it a look.”
“Now that’s a new excuse to get my clothes off,…” Faye teased but moved slowly to lay on her stomach.
“Very funny” Diana’s fingers lightly tugged the girl’s shirt up till her shoulders, and she stared at her strong back in distress, red bruises disturbing the homogeneity of Faye’s soft skin, beside the five fresh scars along the girl’s spine from the latest spell they did together.

When her fingers touched around a larger reddened mark, already forming a bump, Faye cringed “Diana, careful!”

“Sorry! Be still.” Diana was conflicted once more. She didn’t want to use her dark magic, but she was not letting Faye suffer because of her. Another alternative popped in her mind, one that made her much more comfortable. She still had good magic running in her veins and she liked to constantly remind herself of that, that not all of her existence was doomed.  

There was still a greater force, the kind of magic she learned from her father, her real father, Charles Meade: Love. And that kind of magic she could work on Faye, no regrets. Letting her hands hover over the girl’s back, she felt her heart filling with love. She felt her energy connect with Faye’s, a warm wave of heat inflowing her palms and rising to her cheeks, but also traveling down her stomach, and warming her heart.
“Diana, what are you-?” Faye mumbled with her face against a pillow, but the other girl interrupted her before she finished her sentence.
“Just relax…” Diana simply whispered in return, trying to not get distracted.
“Seriously, you didn’t use your magic to save me the other day, what’s the point of using it to erase what those fuckers did? I don’t understand your insane troll logic” the girl teased as she felt a tingling feeling running through the skin of her back.

Diana ignored Faye’s words and kept focusing in the task at hand. The energy was nothing like she ever felt before and she couldn’t help but smile. The energy was pure, colorful, cheerful even. If she were to describe it with words, she would probably say this was the kind of magic fairies carried. With her eyes closed and a smile across her face, she pictured in her head Faye’s recovered skin, and when she opened them, the bruises were gone, even the fresh scars.

“Wow…” Faye whispered immediately at the now soothing feeling replacing the pain in her back, her hand instantly moving towards her lower back, touching her skin and assuring the bruises were gone “…that felt different, did you…” Faye didn’t get to finish her sentence, when she finally looked up to search for Diana, she realized the girl sat silently sitting by the edge of her bed, her palms covering her face as she silently sobbed “Diana, what’s wrong?” Faye rushed to her side, kneeling beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder, only making the girl’s cries increase “What did you do? Did you use dark magic?” was Faye’s first suspicion.

Diana didn’t answer, tears began falling from the barrier she had placed in front of her face and her body was shivering with her cries intensity.

“Diana, talk to me” Faye held Diana closer, her torso touching the girl’s shoulder “It’s okay if you did… I mean, it was worth it, I feel better now.” Faye’s words seemed have no effect on the crying girl “I can do cartwheels to prove?” She desperately tried to lighten the mood.

The girl let out a low chuckle, along with a sniff “No, I didn’t.” she removed her hands from her face and tried her best to wipe her tears away, unfortunately there were too many. Faye showed no hesitation in wiping the tears, giving her a compassionate look “Didn’t you feel it? Dark magic is filthy and destructive… But what I just felt” Diana couldn’t find the words to describe it “Please say you felt it too”

“I did, of course. But perhaps not as strongly as you did?” Faye suspected. Or you’re just too much of a girly girl to cry over magic, Meade, she thought.

“It’s different for you. ‘Cause you don’t know otherwise. You don’t know what is like to live with darkness fidgeting your insides, poisoning your veins. It’s sickening.” Diana talked about herself in disgust “But that, what I just felt, what I still feel…” Diana paused “was nothing but the purest magic. The one that comes from the nature, from the elements. But also it comes from…” Diana realized this word never mixed with Faye well, but it was the undeniable truth “Love.”

Faye’s mouth hung open a as she tried to come up with an answer. Indeed, this meant a lot to Diana, as it did to her as well. She intertwined their fingers together, letting her body relax against Diana’s “So, it’s a good crying then?” Faye tried to understand and race past the ‘L word’ Diana just threw at her.

“Yes, it is. It’s a good feeling. Remembering I’m not a monster. I seem to manage to forget that when I’m with you. I like it.” Diana rested her head against Faye’s and waited for her breaking to go back to normal. She should know better than to open her heart to Faye like this, but she felt so vulnerable at the moment, she didn’t wanted fight against it.

“You’re not a monster” Faye thought about what else to say in return, but nothing crossed her mind, and they fell in a comfortable silence. It was slightly annoying how Diana had this effect on her lately, making her go speechless with so little effort. Faye didn’t know if she should be back to being pissed at the other girl or simply thank her for taking that excruciating pain away. Yet the girl looked so fragile right now, Faye would never find it in her to be mad at her “Unless monsters are really good looking these days” she teased.

Diana rolled her eyes, leave it to Faye to ruin a nice silent moment, she decided to ignore her “So, no more pain?” she asked.

The taller girl stretched her back in response and looked at Diana’s soft features as she watched her every move. “Yep, witch doc… Am I good to go home now?” she asked, uncertain as to what she should do. Diana was so unpredictable these days, she never knew when she wanted to be left alone, or wanted her company. This deal they had sat up the other night, definitely had some missing terms.

Diana obviously didn’t want to let Faye go home just yet. In fact, she didn’t want the girl to go home at all that night. Not only she felt protective of Faye after seeing her getting attacked, she didn’t felt too good right now to let her go “Perhaps you should stay. I don’t like the idea of you being alone with those guys lurking around” Diana couldn’t even say their names anymore.

“Well, I’m a wicked witch with indy powers now” Faye lifted her chin up, putting her tough pose back on “They just caught me off guard today. That is all” Faye realized she sounded stupid even before the words left her lips. However, she did not like feeling like a helpless girl who needed protection.

“I know you are” Diana smiled softly “But I’d like you to stay, I’ll sleep better knowing you’re safe” she gave Faye’s hand a gentle squeeze “knowing that you’re here.”

The air around them changed as they felt back in silence holding each other’s gaze. Faye somehow knew that Diana’s request had more to it than just that, she could see in the girl’s soft chestnut eyes. She knew that it would change things, and she should say no, after all, that wasn’t exactly part of their deal. But she couldn’t. Not when Diana was looking at her that way. 

Faye bit her bottom lip before tracing Diana’s collar with her free hand, her lips softly touching the other girl’s, her tongue slowly begging for entrance, which was immediately conceded by Diana, a soft moan leaving her throat. The kiss started slow and passionate. For Diana, it felt like a belated kiss, one she wanted to give Faye since she saw her awakening in her arms after being injured by the witch hunters. For Faye, it felt like a gratitude kiss, she was thankful for how quickly Diana made her injuries disappear, but most of all, she was thankful for whatever this was they had.
Never in her life had she been this close to love, and although it was terrifying and the timing was certainly not the best, and she would never admit this out loud – she had never felt happier in her life. Diana managed to make her feel what no one else ever had.

Everything around them could be falling apart, but right now neither girl seemed to care, too lost in each other’s presence. The slow kiss suddenly became more eager, heated, with their tongues struggling for dominance, begging for more access. In a quick movement, Faye was straddling Diana on the bed, their lips clashing together, earning a squeal from the girl beneath her.

Faye’s tongue teased Diana’s lower lip, scrapping her teeth over the smooth skin, her hands running down the other brunette’s sides in a slow, sensual movement, stopping as they found the helm of her blouse. Before she tugged on it to get rid of the piece of clothing, Diana slightly pushed her away, their lips only inches apart. “Faye, stop”
“What? Something’s wrong?” Faye stopped as she was told to, leaning in just enough to let her lips graze above Diana’s, but every fiber on her body begging her to continue.
“No, heavens, no. Not the kissing I mean, but…”Diana breathed out, shutting your eyes and frowning. She was struggling with her own feelings and desires in an inner battle, torn between doing the right thing and succumbing to her lust. And having Faye so close to her like that, willing to give her what she desired, wasn’t helping her make the right decisions “I don’t want it to seem like I asked you to stay for… this…” she motioned between them.

“Something’s wrong with this?” Faye asked, mimicking Diana’s motion.

“Not even slightly.” Diana kissed Faye’s lips once more, her final drops of self-restraint slipping through her fingers.

“My thoughts exactly. So how about we enjoy how good this feels right now and leave our worries outside this room, nice and locked for a good few hours?” Faye suggested, resuming her caresses on Diana’s sides.

The mention of ‘good hours’ sent a shiver through Diana’s body, not doubting for a second Faye had the stamina to keep her time promise. She realized there was no self-restraint that could save her from Faye as her palm firmly pressed against her abdomen, teasing the tightened muscles. Her only response was to pull Faye by the nape of her neck, letting her long fingers caress the soft hair while their tongues massaged one another once more.

Faye smiled into the kiss, her skilled hand already working on undoing Diana’s shirt buttons, fastening the pace of their kiss.

In a short pause, Diana broke their kiss once more, her action also stopping Faye’s free hand, the girl looking at her in confusion.

“Faye, I know what we’ve been doing…” Diana tried to explain “…and don’t get me wrong, it’s been good. But…” she tried to find the strength to voice her desires “do you think that tonight it can be different?” she ran her hands on Faye’s hair.

“Different…?” Faye frowned intricate. Diana would probably have to be a little more descriptive on that one, god knows how many weird ways sex could be ‘different’. It’s a wild world out there, she grinned to herself. But she was sure no kinky requests would ever come from the pure Diana Meade.

“I don’t want just… release” Diana shrugged. Their recent activities surely fulfilled their purposes, taking the edge off, providing much needed assuagement in her now chaotic life. Except tonight she wanted more. She wanted to feel. And she knew Faye could give it to her, perhaps with a little push. “I need more, Faye. I want to make love to you” Diana fixed her gaze on Faye’s, and the girl’s response was expected, shifting uncomfortably on the bed, but not breaking their contact by an inch.

Faye gulped and pondered Diana’s request. She was definitely out of her comfort zone with Diana dropping the ‘L word’ every 2 seconds. No one had ever asked her that before. She had sex a few times — less than she desired even — and that was pretty much it. Making love? That, Faye thought, was beyond her. She felt in her every fiber that Diana meant more to her, more than anybody has ever meant. But was it love? If so, how could she tell? And if she wasn’t even sure herself, how was she supposed to show Diana, like she was requesting?
“I…” Faye finally found the strength to speak “I don’t think I would know how” she looked down avoiding Diana’s languid eyes, embarrassed in admitting that out loud.

Diana suppressed a smile, pleased with herself for making Faye at least let her guard down, she knew that could be extremely hard. She knew that for Faye standards, she was asking for too much, but she also knew that after their exchange of magic a few moments earlier, Faye had it in her, even though she would never admit it. “Maybe we can figure it out together?” Diana gave a soft kiss on Faye’s cheeks before whispering in her ear “Do you want to?”


Diana’s hot breath against her ear almost made Faye lose balance. The question so sweetly asked hammering in her head, her whole body screaming for her to accept it. While accepting it would mean something so much bigger, it would mean giving up control. Sharing it perhaps, but not having it completely was new territory for Faye. Despite her fears and doubts, she decided to shut her brain for the night, let herself be carried wherever Diana wanted to lead her, as long as it meant they didn’t have to stop.
“Yes” Faye breathed out, the passion and desire pumping hot in her veins and as Diana’s hands resumed caressing her back, she felt like nothing but a distant observer, surrendering to Diana’s wishes.

“Good, let’s take it slow” Diana said while pulling Faye by the hand to lie down, and as the girl settled to be on top of her, she realized she was just setting the most impossible task to Faye – ever. Faye was the opposite of slow, Faye was explosive, but Diana made a promise to herself to make it worth her while.

Faye obeyed quietly – much to Diana’s surprise – trailing kisses from the girl’s neck, to her chin, back to her full lips, capturing them with her own once more, while Diana’s hands explored her back, letting them slip beneath her jeans, gently grasping the girl’s buttocks. Faye jumped at the contact. This’s taking slow? Maybe she has a distorted vision of ‘slow’ after all.

Diana broke the kiss, “Faye, too much clothing” she confessed, all the barriers blocking her from gaining total access to the girl’s body becoming too annoying.

Faye smiled “Agreed” her dark red nailed fingers undid the last four buttons on Diana’s blouse, as she rolled on her side, exposing the girl’s voluptuous chest, her soft brown locks falling over her purple lace bra making Faye’s mouth water.

She straddled Diana’s lap and pulled her up for a moment, only to unclasp the girl’s bra with a single gesture, the brunette beneath her pushing the straps down gracefully and throwing the bra to the side, her naked torso already receiving feather light kisses from Faye, while her fingers ghostly running along Diana’s back, feeling her smooth skin break in chills with the softest of touch. When she was dragging her fingers closer to Diana’s breasts, she heard a soft moan escape from the girl’s lips, as she closed her eyes throwing her head back, savoring the feeling. She brushed her hair over her shoulders to give Faye a better access to her chest, the feeling of Faye’s lips against her skin sending electric waves through her body.

Caressing Faye’s scalp, Diana let out another soft moan. Why have we never done this before? she thought. Faye’s caress were slow, sensual and incredibly arousing, her body responding immediately, her back arching to meet Faye’s eager lips. With her skin begging for more contact, Diana reached for the hem of the other girl’s shirt. Faye pulled back licking her lips before lifting her arms up, allowing Diana to slowly remove the piece of clothing, revealing her luscious breasts barely contained by a burgundy bra. Biting down on her bottom lip, Diana lifted herself from the bed and graciously reached for Faye’s clasp, kissing the skin next to Faye’s heart before removing the delicate piece of clothing away.

A chill ran up Faye’s spine. Was this what losing control felt like? It didn’t felt so bad. In fact, it didn’t feel bad at all. She was at the same time seeing a different side of Diana, while showing a different one of her own. She once more attended Diana’s request, unclasping her bra and letting the straps fall down her arms before she tossed her bra across the bedroom floor.

Diana let her eyes wonder over Faye’s exposed flesh without moving. She was hypnotized, her eyes fixed on the girl’s breasts, her hands twitching to wander all over that soft skin. Their hearts began racing as both girls looked between their bodies so close together, noticing the slight different features they had. While Diana’s skin was pale, Faye’s was naturally tanned. They were two opposites poles, yet together they made a perfect match, they completed each other.
She moaned against Faye’s skin while her fingers trailed their way to Faye’s chest, the girl shooting her head back, breathing heavily and leaving way to Diana kissed her from the neck to between her breasts.

Air escaped Diana’s lung for a second after Faye began to push her back against the mattress, the girl’s hair falling loosely over her dangerous features, apparently waiting for a next prompt. Just apparently.

Slowing, without taking her eyes off of the other girl, Diana closed the distance between them, her lips smoothly touching Faye’s at first, but the other girl immediately pushed her tongue past her mouth, an action that got Diana responding by running a hand through her neck going to the back of her head. She pressed herself against Faye as they deepened their kiss, the feeling of their naked torso flushed against one another, sending shivers down their spines.


They broke the kiss after a moment for air, the tip of their noses brushing against each other as they rested their foreheads together and slowly opened their eyes. All Faye could see were Diana’s sweet brown eyes getting darker with desire and she was enjoying being the cause of that, she always did.
Her hands wandered from Diana’s breasts to the edge of her jeans, caressing the soft skin on the way before unbutton it and sliding down the zipper. The girl looked at Diana one last time to make sure she wasn’t moving too fast for their ‘love making’. Love making. Just the sound of it echoed strange in Faye’s head. But it did feel different. It felt better. Meaningful. Intimate.

“Faye, please…” Diana softly whispered and that was the green sign Faye needed to proceed. She hooked her fingers in Diana’s pants and panties as she slide both pieces of clothing down the girl’s legs, Diana helping her by arching her hips and giving a final kick until they were off her feet and discarded somewhere over the floor.

Faye paused for a moment to take in the beautiful sight in front of her. Diana’s skin felt incredibly soft beneath her hands and her heart rate sped up as Faye began do make her way up her body by kissing her luscious thighs, getting incredibly close to the girl’s core, as she could feel the her exhilarant smell slowly intoxicating her.

She stared intensely at the other girl before slowly traced her hands up from Diana’s thighs, her fingers softly caressing her belly, as she leaned down and kissed below and around the girl’s navel, moving her hands further up, teasing the other girl’s sides, leaving pepper feather kisses between her breasts. She was mapping the girl’s body with her hot lips, making Diana feel her arousal grow even stronger, in a way like she had never felt before.

Diana cupped Faye’s face and slightly tugged her up to her face, craving for the girl’s lips. It was almost as if the lack of contact meant lack of oxygen. She needed to feel Faye, touch her, nothing else occupying her mind but the two of them. Their tongues tangled once again while Diana stealthily rolled them over, topping the taller brunette.
Mimicking Faye’s previous moves, Diana started kissing her way down the girl’s long and toned body, her lips trailing gently Faye’s soft flesh, as her tongue teased most sensitive spots, making Faye hiss with the contact.

Diana got lost in Faye’s toned abs, her fingers tracing the muscles, while her lips kissed her navel, stopping when she found the helm of the girl’s denim jeans. She pushed her fingers through the waistband of Faye’s pants, her nails digging ever so slightly against the soft flesh down below her bellybutton, and what she got in return was throaty moan from the girl. She looked up at Faye, slowly undoing the button and zipper of her pants, hooking her fingers in the girl’s jeans and panties as well, sliding the fabric off her legs and throwing it away to meet her own clothing on the floor.

Diana couldn’t help herself from taking in the view of the flawless body before her just like Faye did with her. She leaned down locking her gaze with Faye’s, and could feel the intense heat coming from Faye’s center, making the girl breathless for an instant when she gave the exposed flesh below her navel a little kiss before moving up to rest on top of her once again.

The skin on skin contact made their whole bodies tremble, like a shockwave sensation had passed from one to another. It stunned them both how well their bodies fit together, and how such little things as the feeling of their skin touching could cause such sensation. Someone had to be crazy to deny their chemistry. It was totally undeniable. It was like they were molded for each other. Two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.
Enjoying the feeling of Diana’s naked body on top hers, Faye realized how natural it felt, almost as if this was how they were always supposed to be. Never in Faye’s life had she let anyone dominate her. Not even to Jake she would give in the top position, but she felt like Diana belonged there.

She tightly embraced Diana’s hot body, leaving hot kisses in the girl’s shoulders and neck, caressing her back, her palm landed on Diana’s round butt cheeks, giving it a gentle squeeze before spinning them once again so she would be on her favorite position “That was hot” she teased on Diana’s ear.

“I think I’m learning from the master” Diana replied against Faye’s neck, suckling her pulse point, kissing her jawline to finally capture the other girl’s lips in her own.

“Master? I’ll keep that in mind” Faye raised an eyebrow and moaned as their bodies clashed against each other as she pinned Diana down now.

As Faye
placed herself on top of Diana, their bodies connected from head to toes, the energy flowing freely from one body to another, both girls smiling at the tingly sensation.
“Can you feel this?” Diana giggled.

Faye hummed in response, capturing her lips once more, the moment too precious to let it slip away, pulling the other girl even closer, passionately kissing her lips while both girls softly whimpering feeling their heated cores slightly touching as their hips collided.

“You are so beautiful. There’s not an inch of your body that isn’t perfect” Faye said against Diana’s lips, pushing a lock of Diana’s brown hair behind her ear and running her fingers through the girl’s round cheek, leaning in to give her a deep kiss while thrusting her hips lightly against Diana’s center, both moaning as their lips met.

The heat between them had become unbearable almost as if it burned every time their skin touched “Diana, I gotta have you now…” Faye honestly said in a weak voice, her palm grasping Diana’s sides.

“You already have me. I’m all yours…” Diana replied in a whisper, pulling the other girl even closer, softly kissing her lips, while jerking slightly her hips up against Faye’s encouraging the girl to start a low pace.

 That wasn’t the first time they had slept together. But those often occurred of frustration, pure lust, and need for release. All the feelings this time were so intense, enhanced. Tonight was several steps up the hill. It seemed as if they were being intimate for the very first time, and Diana realized she had never experienced such strong feelings with anyone before, not even Adam, Faye feeling exactly the same way. Surprisingly, both girls were completely vulnerable, open to express where words could not reach.

No further words needed to be spoken as they have already learned how to please one another at that point. Not even much thinking had to be done, it was like their hands and mouths had their own memories and knew exactly where to touch and how to touch to trigger all kinds of overwhelming sensations.

Body collapsing, hands gripping tightly against white sheets and dark hair, a high pitched yell leaving parted lips, followed by Faye’s name… Diana whimpered, holding the other girl’s hair as she gave her much needed release. Faye closed her eyes and moaned, savoring how natural this felt, almost as if this was how they were always supposed to be.
Never in Faye’s life had she let anyone dominate her, nor had she ever felt the need to ‘make love’. Until now. Right now, as she took Diana as her own, her only desire was to pleasure the girl in front of her, cherish her, love her. The thought didn’t even disturb Faye, when she lost herself in Diana’s sweet taste.

Fingers stroking ever so lightly over sensitive skin, Faye let out a hum of pleasure, savoring the feeling of the curves of the other girl against her own as she lied back to her side, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek, waiting for Diana to come back from her high.

It took several minutes until Diana’s breathing was almost normal and she started feeling her limbs respond to her wishes, opening her eyes, she spotted Faye propped on her elbows, looking at her with the largest grin across her lips “What is that about?” Diana chuckled and leaned closer to her.

“You being incredibly gorgeous on your afterglow” Faye sincerely answered. She was indeed breathtaking.

“Right, I bet I look glorious, my hair all messy and my limbs like jell-o-” she started, but Faye interrupted her with a kiss, Diana tasting herself on the girl’s lips. “That was…” Diana couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“I know” Faye held her closer “I think this… This could work” Faye spoke softly, waiting for Diana’s reply.

This was always delicate ground for them, and she always felt like walking around a mine bombs field when talking about their so called ‘relationship’.

“Me too” Diana couldn’t deny it anymore. Not just because of their chemistry, but because how Faye made her feel. It just felt… right.

“You mean…?” Faye’s words trailed as she tried to process the confirmation.

“I mean” Diana kissed the other girl again, silencing her. Letting once more actions take over words. Faye deepened the kiss, desperate for contact and Diana was aware of that, letting her thigh rest between Faye’s legs, feeling the heat emanating from her center.

Silently, they both decided to make this the most memorable night they ever had. Slippery bodies dancing, legs intertwined, hands grazing ever so slightly sensitive skin, both girls gasping while burring fingers inside heated flesh. Their breathing quicker grows louder, their heart beating like it was a constant thrumming in the ears ass their pace grows more rapidly. An almost unbearable flooding sensation cursed through their bodies, setting every nerve ending alight. Backs arching, moans and cries of pleasure, the feeling of dizziness. Both girls were overpowered by mind-blowing climax, screaming each other’s names, their bodies shaking against one another as they filled the room with their heavy breathing.

Mouth pressed against the salty skin of Diana’s neck, Faye felt words coming out of her lips. “It was never meaningless” she breathed. Her voice hovered above a whisper.
“What?” Diana softly asked, encircling the girl’s waist, shifting slightly their position in bed so she could see the other Faye’s face.

“I just wanted to let you know, that this was never meaningless to me”. Faye’s words hanged in the air for a moment as Diana’s eyes previously watered from the ecstasy, now tearing for another reason.

Those words were full with honesty, and Diana couldn’t deny that. She could see for herself the truth behind Faye’s hazel eyes. They were shining brighter than ever as Diana got lost inside of them. It wasn’t exactly what Faye wished she could’ve said, but it was sincere, and it wasn’t the words Diana was wishing to hear, but it was close enough. It meant that Faye truly cared about her and had feelings for her somehow. She knew the girl wasn’t going to change over the night and talk about her feelings so openly like she does, so having her admitting that, was a good step on the right direction.

“Clearly you’re suffering from some sort of brain damage” Diana smiled teasing Faye.

“Probably I am. I think I need some more of your magic painkillers to nurse me back to health” Faye teased back smirking, and what she got from her reply, was a sweet little chuckle escaping from Diana’s lips, a sound that was becoming one of her favorites in the whole world.

When Diana giggled, her glittered eyes, let one single droplet of tear fell down her cheek that Faye so promptly reached out to wipe it away with her thumb, caressing Diana’s cheek after tucking a stray hair behind her ear. When the girl leaned into the softest of caress against her face, Faye’s lips tug upwards in a smile. Her heart swelled with Diana’s reaction in a way that she couldn’t help but leaned in kissing the girl softly on the cheek, her lips descending to the brunette’s lips, to touch in a way she had never kissed Diana before. It was gentle, sweet, and the girl sighed as their lips parted to leisurely deepen the kiss.

When air became an issue, both girls pulled back slightly, resting their foreheads against one another, eyes slowly opening savoring their feelings for each other that neither needed to voiced out loud right now.

So, this happened. So proud of all of us involved with this project! I never expected anything like this to happen when we started… 

So, this happened. So proud of all of us involved with this project! I never expected anything like this to happen when we started… 

The Fayana Project

keepsmilingmatt said: Heey! Can i do a Fayana's vid for The Fayeted Contest! Or is it so later?

We are judging the videos now— get it in ASAP if you want to be considered. Thanks.

The Fayana Project

Anonymous said: i just finish reading ... and i'm crying like a baby .. oh gosh ... please tell me that is not over .... please tell me that woul be a fayeted 2 or something like that .... pleeeeeeeeease .

There will be a second book— not as soon as the first one tho… :/

The Fayana Project

Anonymous said: really really really please put something with Cassie and them in it, it would make their relationship so much stronger!


The Fayana Project

Anonymous said: so, i just read it, and it's amazing! seriously! the end was sad tho... will it have a sequel?

You never know what’s to come. Only time will tell :)

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Anonymous said: I just finished Fayeted, and I just wanna say that it's amazing! Even tho I still don't know what to think about the ending because it was sad obviously, but it was yet good, you know. Seriously, thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! We are glad the story moved you.

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youngsailor said: Please tell me that ending is to make room for a sequel...

Maybe, maybe not. ;)

The Fayana Project

techygurl said: will you be releasing a second book? the ending made me sad :(

Some sort of continuation will happen, I’m sure.